How often do you feel lonely? If you’d say that you experience loneliness sometimes or even always, you are not alone. According to a new survey of 20,000 Americans, loneliness is at epidemic proportions.
Encounter is an experimental project which puts humans to the test of loneliness. It is a stimulus for people to think about loneliness and face it the way they want. The emotion that these days, despite the Coronavirus, is more sensitive. The hugging became weak in everyday life, from both physical and spiritual needs. This project provides a position to embrace. You can sit on a chair and hug the structure.
A garment covers the back of the chair with pillows and magnets under the sleeves. You can experience the feeling of being hugged by bringing the sleeves closer.

Do you like to make your own?
There is a Guide booklet for download. Follow the steps to make the structure. This Package gives anyone a choice to do this project by their-self. It could help you to use it whenever you want and make it with whatever you like. Imagine you use it when you’re home or put it in your office. You want to sit on it in the morning or late at night, in your good mood or bad mood. You can choose your favorite clothes because they should make you feel safe and comfy. Pillows choose for flexibility, softness. Magnets were for their properties. They repel and attract like who feel lonely. On the one hand, they run away from others, and on the other hand, they want to be by their side. By closing the sleeves of clothes together, it embraces you.
Check out my website to download the guide book.