Electropercussive Drum (epd1)

The epd1 is the outcome of extended experiments building drums focusing on a fusion of acoustic sound combined with analog electronic sound synthesis. Inspired by the craft of instrument building this instrument seeks to be a wholesome drum inviting to play, in spite of the extended functionality. Therefore the interaction whith the contained analog drum synthesizer is not just carried out by the lateral knobs but via a specially designed sensor surface on the drum skin. A pattern of carefully attached copper traces is placed on the wooden membrane coated by a glossy shellac finish. The areas of which can be patched to different parameters of the analog circuitry. This is how the synth fuses with the drum allowing the percussionist to focus on his play and feel the strong connection of his actions and the sound.

This short composition made of loops gives you a feeling for some of the sonic possibilites of this instrument: