Dream Explorer


Dream Explorer is a gateway to the ultimate virtual reality of dreams. Being able to monitor the biometrical data of a sleeping subject and affect the environment, it can determine when the subject is in REM phase and try to induce a lucid dream. With the mobile web interface, the device can be set up to execute custom bindings which enables handling various experiments while being in a usual or lucid dream. It can also be used as a personal sleep laboratory.

Dream Explorer features the following sensors to gather input from a sleeping subject:


The actuated changes could also be quite various, such as temperature change in the room, light flashes, background sounds, playing prerecorded voice in order to provoke unconscious dialog which will be recorded and could be listened to in the morning. Water sprinkling, smell injection, punching – Dream Explorer can be extended to handle these too.

Actuators incorporated into the Dream Explorer are:


Before going to sleep, you access the Dream Explorer’s interface via smartphone and set up the bindings, which map a condition(s) to an action(s) to execute. A typical dream experiment binding is described below.