Augmented Consciousness

“Augmented Consciousness” is an experimental fusion of virtual reality and neurofeedback, creating an immersive experience at the intersection of technology and the human mind. Drawing inspiration from the mind-body problem, this project invites users to explore different digital environments that react to their neural activity in real-time.

To start this journey, users begin by ensuring their EEG device is properly connected and transmitting a wireless signal to the headset, ensuring a seamless connection between their mind and the virtual world. Real-time EEG data visualization guides them as they explore two different VR environments, each designed to experience their brain activity in a different way.

The stages come in varying difficulty levels and aim for achieving a calm state of mind and focused concentration. In this scenario, users can observe a direct correlation between their mental activity and intensity of the wind flowing over an open grass landscape. For a more detailed demonstration, please watch the video below.