The installation Anima simulates my recorded heartbeats with glasses of water using digital devices. A series of recorded heartbeats are allocated to 6 glasses and are played back in loops by a microcontroller.

The word animation is derived from the latin word anima, which means life, soul, or breath. Animation originally means action of imparting life. This project is giving my breath to a non-organic substance with through a computer, that is to say, to curse ( hack ) the objects in a digital way.

This is a primitive instrument, which merely pushes and pulls water in a binary manner. Also the object, which makes reference to my life log is possessed by my anima in other words: it is my physical avatar.

The way in which we preserve ourselves could be more complex in the future, like a digital clone, with whom you could exist in a virtual world forever, or embedding DNA information into a tree. This implies the appearance of a new type of animism. You can exist, even if your body does not. This might sound more primitive or even religious than current prevailing religions.