Girl Guy


The world becomes a global one. Scientists, Businessmen and Politicians are able to communicate and interact worldwide. By traveling, using the state-of-the-art transportation, or digitally, taking the opportunities of internet and satellite technology.

But all these possibilities don’t replace human contact, especially people you like the most aren’t always as near as you would like them to be. Nearness Girl&Guy is an intention to share one of your most private perceptions, the body heat of a human touch without the limitations of time and space.

Activated by a single touch the white orb senses and remembers the amount of time the first partner spents to take care of it. Saving this moment of attention it switches its status to “energized”, notifying by its reserved glow. Feel free to send it to the person you want to share this moment with. Use postal services to bear down the distance of space. Use patience to store it against the vanish of time.

It’s your touch. It’s nearness.