A Whale Of Humans

A whale of humans is a speculative design project that delves into a world where humans are collectively housed in whales. It is a perfect world utopia or it’s nasty opposite, a dystopia, depending on your point of view: its habitants exhibit a perfect form of parasitism that is in line with the ecosystem, free from the temptations of capitalism but also devoid of the individualism that liberalism promises us in our current world.

The project is realized with portals that allow the viewers to peep into the different aspects of this world. Light and paper sculptures that use the interplay of light, shadows and depths to convey the multilayered narratives.

The world takes it’s inspiration from the parasitic relationships that exist naturally in the environment from years of evolution, kerning the mechanisms bit by bit for them to keep the ecosystem sustainable. Humans take everything from the whales, including energy synergized from their collective mobility. And yet, like every good parasite whose survival is dependent on it’s host, they change their form and die with the death of the organism. This portal looks out from the inside of a whale’s mouth, the esoteric display of androids roaming in the inside of it’s massive mouth, absorbing, transforming and manipulating.

The synergy is further attempted through resource exchange centers that populate the seas passed through by the equator. Warm waters where whales travel to give birth are ideal points for exchanging resources that some caravans (on top of whales) lack, while also giving up surplus. The logs of all travelers find home at the ‘Thḗkē’.

The retrograde evolution of mankind or the conquest of new frontiers is really a matter of taste.