Mutiertes L-System

Mutated L-System is the physically grown L-System-Algorithm. From a software origin, it migrates into the physical world. By mutating and developing architectural structures it adapts to its new spatial environment.

The substrate of the kinetic sculpture consists of a carbon skeleton and plastic joints, that are being arragend by this rule:

‘F’ -> “Fx[Fx]-y-x-zFx+yFx[-y-zFx]+zFx-xFz”

Following this rule the L-System sprawls and in addition to that grows situational support structures to become as stable as possible.

Muscle wires that are clamped from joint to joint to give the sculpture its ability to move. These muscle wires are being controlled by an Arduino Uno via four transistor-circuit-boards around 12 Volts.

(c) Foto Hannes Deter