Prof. Dr. Andrea Sick


Mapped by time is a proposition for a new cartographic image of Germany. A map showing a world, which is […]


Mapped by time ist ein Vorschlag zur kartografischen Darstellung Deutschlands. Eine Karte, die eine Welt darstellt, in der nicht mehr […]


There are more than a dozen different communication situations in our daily life. The project “communication spaces” offers some optimization […]


Das Ortsverzeichnis verknüpft reale Orte in Bremen mit Imaginationen von Menschen in einem Spiel. Aufgabe ist es mit dem Ortsverzeichnis […]


Photoreductive Pixel is a modular installation based-on photosensors and LEDs arranged in an array. The amount of light falling on […]

Smells Like

We find temporary spaces in many places in our lives. We constantly seek to refuge in them. For example, while […]


Two pairs of eyes stare at each other. The one one pair that blinks or closes the eyes looses. “Starren” […]


Zwei Augenpaare starren sich an. Das Paar, das blinzelt oder die Augen schließt, hat verloren. Auf dieser einfachen Regel basiert […]

Boring Pictures

Pictures reign. Images – in contrast to words – prevail in our current living conditions. This thesis focuses especially on pictures acquired by means of video surveillance cameras, also called CCTV (Closed Circuit Television).