Design-Driven Terror Management Theory

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Design-Driven Terror Management project explorese fear of death as a fundamental human fear. The foundation of the project is Terror Management theory, which derives from the Pulitzer Prize-winning book “The Denial of Death” by anthropologist Ernst Becker. The theory views human culture as a belief system constructed to explain and give meaning to life and resist confrontation with the fear of death. Three areas of interest were picked to play around. The first concept was a machine for physical time perception. The device connects two points in space that are supposed to move towards each other. Throughout the time, certain physical interactions might (or might not) be done. When it happens the device creates a unique color pattern.

This pattern represents different perception for each and every physical timeframe. The concept holds an idea of playing around time, it’s physical properties and interaction design.

The second concept is an app that allows to create just one photo and watch it change through days/weeks/years. The concept puts consideration into two basic questions — “What to photograph?” and “When I want it to stop? (And do I really want it)”.

Third concept is a completely speculative and non existent object. It plays around restrictions and feeling of loss and limitation of everyday consumption. It consists three cells of storage, where user can keep keys, phones, ipods and other personal stuff. Once in awhile one, two or all storage cells can look himself and decline access to the goods. The idea was to show how those limitations can provide new ways to find creative solutions and give a new perspective to everyday life.

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