Semester Projects


braceMe ist ein modulares Armband für Kinder, das Bezugspersonen auf Stresssituationen und Konflikte hinweisen kann. Es dient als Motivation zur […]

Light orchestra

Light orchestra is a sound installation that creates a specific sound ecosystem and explores the realm of natural and artificial. […]

A Fold

‘A Fold’ is an iterative feedback system among a loudspeaker, a microphone and a soundscape. A PD software records the […]


Communication is everywhere. Whereas humans started talking face-to-face, messages are no longer bound to distance nor time. Well, at least […]


Placebofied-Self is a series of hacked products which cause a placebo effect in its users. By manipulating results of different […]

Plastic Bridges

Plastic Bridges is speculative design project that raises a debate around the future of nature-culture networks. The story is constructed […]


This software simulator examines the idea of a modular LED ambient light object and provides the interface to explore the […]


Wasteland is a video installation which explores the idolization of celebrities created by a mass media society, based on the […]


On the northwestern edge of Überseestadt, sites of construction are born once again by the river. In between the rising […]

Have A Seat

Als Stuhl voll funktionsfähig, versucht Have A Seat seine eigene Erscheinung durch das Darstellen von Fotos bereits existierender Stühle zu […]