Semester Projects

Candy Cloud

“Keeping the spirit of childhood alive in your life means maintaining a curiosity for knowledge, the joy of understanding, one’s […]

RGB Fossils

The RGB color system guides our perception of the world through the screens. Red, green and blue, in combined values, […]


vrKid is a virtual reality headset designed especially for babies and toddlers up to 3 years old. The headset has […]


  Das Ungleichgewicht zwischen der Natur und der menschliche Gemeinschaft beschleunigt sich schneller und schneller. Nach der Entstehung des Menschen […]

The Poperator

    The poperator is a machine that writes redundant pop news into sand to emphasize the ephemerality of this […]

Concrete Decryption

Concrete Decryption is an analouge decryption device for a time in which digital data is under constant threat of surveillance. […]

Swamp orchestra

Swamp orchestra is an interactive sound installation that creates a specific sound ecosystem and explores the realm of natural and […]


Musik bedingt Intuition und ein allgemeines Gefühl für Harmonie und Klang. Tugenden die bewusst bei synthetischen Klangerzeugern oft ignoriert werden. […]

Horse Rotorvator

“Horse Rotorvator” is a musical instrument inspired by the several manifestations of noise sound, from Luigi Russolo’s “The Art of […]


Das Gammaphon ist ein portabler 16-step Sequencer mit vier Spuren. Jedoch verwendet dieser Sequencer keine gewöhnlichen Audiosamples, sondern generiert den […]


This project examines how weightlessness in virtual space can affect the perception of the human body on a person. By […]

Sonic Gentrification

Sonic Gentrification is a multi-channel sound installation which explores the relationship between the radical gentrification process and its impacts on […]


Bandkit is a web-based management tool for bands. It helps sharing data as well as information with different people and […]